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Are Adjustable Beds Safe?

Safety is one of life’s greatest needs. A feeling of safety enhances each day and must always be considered as an important factor when making any decision in life. Adjustable beds and safety is a concern that has been expressed by many and it must be so! While we have enough credentials that prove the advantages and benefits of an adjustable bed, not many have cleared the doubts regarding safety.

If you are planning on bringing an adjustable bed home, you deserve to know its safety requirements. After all it a great investment to a better life and health and must come with ‘all doubts cleared’.

Safety First!

Our adjustable beds come with ‘gravity fall’ electronic motors that help in adjusting the bed to your specific needs. Because the motors fall by gravity, it removes the risk associated with crushing, that many of our competitors have. Many people are also uncertain about sleeping over such electric motors. All electric beds need to be plugged and powered for the motor to work. Some adjustable beds run on AC while ours convert AC to DC. AC motors are generally considered more powerful but also much nosier. The motors we chose to use are DC, as they offer the highest weight rating available in the market, whilst are also whisper quiet.

That said, even though adjustable beds work on electricity they are absolutely safe and the most solid reason to prove that, is that they are being used in hospitals and health care centers for as along as one can remember! These beds cause no harm and pose no danger to one’s safety.

Initially adjustable beds came with a manual lever to make adjustments, and it is still available, but the ease and precision offered by the electrically powered beds is incomparable. It is important to take regular safety measures like ensuring the electric outlet is not faulty or there is no water leakage around the house, but these are general safety standards and not something specific to an adjustable bed.

Adjustable Beds and Pets
For all pet lovers out there, adjustable beds are pet friendly and pose no danger to your furry friend either.

Adjustable beds and children
Your children are absolutely safe too around an adjustable bed.

Don’t worry you are not only well rested with an adjustable bed but also totally safe.

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