Revitalife and Hologenix, LLC Enter into Licensing Agreement to use Celliant® for Therapeutic and Adjustable Beds offering Australians a better night’s sleep

Revitalife has just announced an exclusive partnership with Hologenix, LLC – manufacturer of Celliant technology – in the Australian & New Zealand adjustable bed sector. Revitalife’s strategic partnership with Hologenix allows the company to offer beds that incorporate Celliant® technology the world’s most advanced, clinically tested respon-sive textile technology, that recycles the body’s energy into... Read More

Do Adjustable Beds Help With Snoring?

Whether they help you or not, they will definitely help your partner! All jokes aside, an adjustable bed is known to be the perfect solution to minimize and even completely stop snoring. Snoring is caused by many reasons with constricted airways, sleep apnea and overweight being the most common. An adjustable bed allows your body... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Acid Reflux, Heartburn or GERD?

Adjustable beds are no longer restricted to hospitals as they are rapidly making its way to people’s homes. An adjustable bed is known to have many advantages and offer a number of benefits. While there are some people who are already enjoying these benefits, some are still debating the options. Acid Reflux, heartburn and GERD... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Safe?

Safety is one of life’s greatest needs. A feeling of safety enhances each day and must always be considered as an important factor when making any decision in life. Adjustable beds and safety is a concern that has been expressed by many and it must be so! While we have enough credentials that prove the... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Good For Sleep Apnoea?

A good sleep is the perfect way to start a day and give your best! A well rested person has the energy to do more and achieve more. On the other hand, a bad sleep, for whatever reason can completely drain you out of the will and energy to get on with a new day... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers?

Finding the perfect sleep position after a long and hectic day is probably one of the best feelings! A good and restful sleep is extremely important for complete physical and mental health. Bad sleeping routines are the main cause for many health problems and its time that people start realizing and practicing a good sleep... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

Adjustable beds can be an expensive investment to make; hence, it’s important that you spend some time on researching whether it’s actually worth it or not. Our modern lifestyle, hectic schedule, affinity for junk foods and unhealthy habits has ultimately made us victims of various lifestyle diseases such as obesity, arthritis, backache, heart diseases etc.... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Good For Your Health?

The ubiquitous adjustable beds in hospitals are slowly tip-toeing into our modern bedrooms. People say these provide ultimate comfort while sleeping and some therapists believe that adjustable beds have numerous health benefits. However, the list of naysayers is also too long to be ignored as they brush aside all these as nothing but humbug. Now,... Read More

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Your Back?

Adjustable Beds Offer Several Benefits To Your Back Neck or back pain are a cause of concern for millions of people around the world and lying down flat on a mattress can aggravate the condition. If you too suffer from back pain then you can consider buying an adjustable bed (some premium brands, like ours,... Read More

How Much Does An Adjustable Bed Cost?

With over 30+ products available in our range, our recommendations are based on the individual needs of each client. Therefore we like to tailor a quotation to suite your personal needs, however our adjustable beds are available from as little as $24/week on our interest free payment plan. So that we can arrange this, provide... Read More

The Many Stages of Sleep

 Linda Goldfarb To live powerfully it’s important to rest powerfully… have you heard of power naps? Did you know that they could be hazardous to your health? True! Napping in the afternoon or long naps in the early afternoon can interfere with nighttime sleep and sleep deprivation can trigger many short term and long term... Read More

Welcome to the New Seniors Plus Website!

Our website has been relaunched for 2012 with a completely new design! Seniors Plus is a family owned Australian company specializing in the health, well-being, mobility and independence of senior citizens. Since 2004 Seniors Plus have been providing customers with a premium range of therapeutic lifestyle products specifically design for senior citizens such as Adjustable... Read More